How to choose the best laptop

How To Choose The Best Laptop | Buyers Guide 2021

It is the most exciting thing to upgrade or get your first laptop, although you should always be conscious while making a choice and in this guide you will know how you can choose the best laptop whether you are a student, graphic designer, video editor, gaming or content creator.

Although modern laptops evolved so much and now you can get the top-performing units at a lesser price. Still, people fall to make bad choices just by seeing the lucrative marketing ads by big brands. The brands only highlight the pros of their laptops leaving all other aspects behind and that is why most people end up regretting their choices.

With the numerous options available in the market, there are plenty of choices available for everybody. But as said, each laptop has its own strengths and you should always consider the purpose before going ahead.

We have covered the most critical aspects which should be considered like processor, battery life, operating system, graphics, screen size, ports connectivity, and overall design and build quality. To make it easier for you we have also prepared a specific guide for each purpose.

Other guides which are more concise and will be helpful for your specific needs

How to choose the best laptop for:

  • Video Editing
  • Gaming
  • Graphic Designing
  • Photo Editing
  • Programming
  • Content Creators

So for the top most qualities that makes a laptop ideal for multitasking and which should not be neglected before making your final decision are described below.

Things which should be considered before choosing a laptop


This is the main factors which creates whole difference and let the best stand out from the rest. The performance of the laptop is a parameter which consists of Processor, RAM, Graphics Card and Storage Memory.

Laptop Processor

It is the main processing unit of your laptop, the more powerful the processor the more capacity to perform heavy tasks. At present there are only two major competitors Intel and AMD which takes almost 100% market.

Intel processors for laptops start from Pentium, Celeron and the core series (Core i3, Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9).

AMD laptops has three processor types which are A, FX and the Ryzen series.

Note: Number of cores and the Clock speed are responsible for powerful performance and multi tasking.


Random Access Memory, in short it is the memory which is responsible for the access of every software and application at an instant. It stores the programs inside it in order to get all the programs run at faster speed and easy access.

The higher the space it has the more multi tasking is possible.

There are basically two types of RAM’s

DDR3 : Uses more power and slower .

DDR4: It is the latest and uses less power and having much faster speed.

Note: Always go with the DDR4 or DDR5 RAM laptop as that will increase the battery backup and will work at high speed.


One thing where the laptops lacks and are always below the PC’s is due to their restrictions and limited upgradability.

Most of the laptops can not upgrade apart from the RAM and even if you try to upgrade the processor it will be very expensive.

Note: You should always consider this as that can ruin the experience in the long run.

Storage Memory

Always check which type of hard drive or storage drive your laptop has. The latest Solid State Drives (SSD’s) replaced the old physical drives and they performs much much faster than the old normal HDD.

Physical Drive (Normal HDD): Uses more power, much slow.

Solid State Drives (SSD’s) : Uses less power and about 10-20 times faster than the HDD’s.

Note: You can choose the Solid State Hybrid Drives as that are a combination of the SSD and normal HDD, which becomes affordable and provides much more storage space.

Graphics Card

Graphics card are the GPU which are responsible for providing high graphic and multi threading using its extra instant memory function.

Whether you wish to choose the laptop for AutoCAD, Gaming, Graphic design, Video editing, Programming or Photoshop, the graphic card plays very crucial role to power up the whole process at very high speed.

Note: For high end tasks, always choose the laptop which are having inbuilt graphic cards.

Connectivity and Ports

After checking the whole performance of your laptop, you need to make sure that it has all the USB, HDMI, Ethernet or any other ports which are needed for your work purpose.

The new laptops, in order to save space and to manufacture the lightweight laptops, they provide few options and you should take a look upon these configuration for the overall build.


Last but not the least, The battery back up plays very crucial role as after all, apart from the compactness we crave the devices which lets us get rid of the wire and can provide more powerful battery backup.

With all the latest processors, motherboards, RAM and graphic card, the laptops are focussed in order to reduce the power consumption and all new variants are having a very good battery back up.

Note: A battery back up of around 5-6 hours is ideal back up for any top performing laptop. Still the more the better.


I hope you will get the clarity and now you know how to choose the laptop which will be perfect companion of yours for a long journey.

We here at LaptopZone always ready for any kind of queries or doubts and just drop in the below comments, we will be jiffy.

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    1. Hello Sukhbir,
      You can get a good laptop which can fulfill all requirements for Students.
      As Students usage, if they are not into Heavy Programming/Coding and Graphic designing, a laptop with 8-16 GB RAM, Core i5 Processor (9th or 10th Gen) with 256GB SSD without an external graphics card will be a perfect option.
      It will range from 30-40k Inr.

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