Best Programming Laptops Under 60000 India

Best Laptops Under 60000 for programming | India 2021 Edition

In 2021, the options for laptops are numerous but those which are ideal for Programming that also in 60000 Rs of price range are only few.

Every laptop has its trade set, we get confused most often whenever we start looking for best laptops due to the similar major configuration and most of the time due to the marketing gimmicks.

If you wish to choose the Best Laptop For Programming Under 60,000 Rs of price range, this is the must read guide for you in order to get the clarity and make better decision.

In this guide, we have kept our focus on the 60k of budget price and the Best Programming Laptop under this budget.

If you wish to take a look at the table toppers due to being in hurry, then here are our featured Programming Laptops Under 60,000 Rs in India.

Top 2021 Picks

Best Overall Pick

Asus Core i5 10th Gen

Best Latest Pick

Lenovo Ideapad

Which are the best laptops for programming under 60,000 Rs?

Lenovo ThinkPad E14
HP 245 G7 14-inch
ASUS VivoBook 15 
Lenovo Ideapad Slim 
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Things which should be considered while choosing the programming laptop under 60k

As each laptop has different trade sets, but when coming to the core usage and applications, you might get surprised when it didn’t go as per the expectations.

Irrespective of the marketing gimmicks which always showcase their laptops as the best in market, you should always be careful with your choice as that can end up with laments.


Unless you wish to work on a single place by putting your laptop for programming purpose at same spot, the mobility is among the important considerations so that you can do your coding as per your convenience on your laptop.

Although 15 Inch screen gives you mush room for multitasking but that reduces the flexibility and you might get bit foil when you switch places during long working hours.

That is why its always better to choose the laptop which has less weight and easy to carry with you so that you can continue your coding work hassle-free irrespective of the places. That will reduce the screen size resulting in less room on the screen for multiple applications at the same time, but we will cover that up as well in this guide.


Usually programmers and coders spend more time in front of the screen, that is why it becomes important to consider the resolution and screen type in order to stay away from eye strain and get crisp and clear texts.

Normally the 1366 x 720 resolution laptops can do job but with the budget of 60,000 Rs which is focused towards the Coding Laptop, you can get the perfect full HD display with 1920×1080 resolution. That is the most ideal resolution size in order to get better clarity and less strain on eyes.

Apart from this, you need to make sure that the display quality is perfect IPS LED which has a wide viewing angle so that you won’t see a black mirror while stretching a bit in between long coding sessions.


Another most important thing which should be considered in your 60K Programming Laptop is the overall processing power. The cache, core speed, number of threads and turbo boost are the main aspects which should be look upon while choosing the Programming Laptop.

Although under the budget of 60K you will find these specs at pretty good level, still you should always choose the more powerful processors instead of the expensive latest ones.

Keeping i5 processor minimum which goes much better if you find yourself a good i7 or i9 processor as they do have more number of cores, threads and better cache memory.


After processing power for your Coding Laptop, the RAM is next main aspect which should not be neglected. The RAM is directly responsible for number of applications, programs, IDE’s and tabs on browser which can run simultaneously.

The more the RAM better the multitasking. Keeping minimum RAM to 8GB which is also going down with respect to the latest Electron Apps, so better to choose for a high speed 16GB RAM.

At the beginning you will see that the less RAM is also working good, but as soon as the cache memory and CPU turbo boost start taking a hit in longer run, you will see the RAM reaching to almost 90+ usage in taskbar eventually leading to the lags.

Storage Type

The number of data exchange within the core storage of the laptops is very large and it’s not like you can go up with the faster broadband and browse at fast speed.

As all the applications, programmes, codes and assets related to your project gets stored inside the local storage, that is why it’s always recommended to go with the SSD drives which are much more faster than the physical hard drives.

It will directly impact the speed of your project completion and without the SSD drives, you will end up wasting time on loading, rendering and debugging your codes as they will load at much lower speed.

In the Coding or Programming Laptops Under 60,000 Rs, you will easily get the 500 GB of SSD drive in order to fasten up your entire coding projects.

Keyboard Type

The keyboard is also important feature as you have to spend much more time in pumping up the keys and although irrespective of the keys type, you will get used to them eventually still compact and keys with good switch is always preferable for programmers.

If you have a habit of working in low light conditions, you can go with the backlit type keyboards which will help you when you switch your working environment to low light.

Battery Backup

Unlike the initial years, when we can not think of working without electricity while doing high performance tasks on ou laptops the new generation latest programming laptops have improved so much in terms of battery backups.

At the same time, you do not have to fear about the performance issue as well which we used to fear about while doing heavy tasks on our laptop and they showing a straight drop to battery. And now with the latest changes and invention in laptop battery you can easily get the 5-6 hours of back up at high performance which is sufficient to wrap up one coding session without reaching to the power socket.

Minimum configuration for a programming laptop under 60,000 Rs

Despite this strict budget range, you can only expect the decent configuration through which you will be able to play the games at mid-settings and low FPS.

ProcessorIntel Core i5 / AMD Ryzen 5
Graphics CardIntegrated AMD Radeon / Intel UHD Graphics
StorageSSD 256 GB / 1 TB HDD
Requirements for programming laptop under 60k


These were the Top Choices for the Programming Laptops Under 60,000 Rs. We hope you like these and if you face any kind of concerns or queries or wish to suggest something, kindly drop your comments in the below comment section.

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