Best Laptops Under 35000

Best Laptops Under 35000 | Editing | Content Creation 2021

If you wish to own a laptop which is quite affordable yet powerful in the price range of 35,000 Rs and thinking whether you can get that or not. We got your back and after researching and putting each of the top under our checklist which consists of numerous reviews, hardware specification, build quality and user experience who got multiple months of usage under their belt. Eventually we ended up with the best laptops under 35k for each section whether you wish to do graphic design, editing, content creation, mid-range gaming or programming.

Although under this strict budget of 35k, it is quite anxious task to pick the best as due to price restrictions the high performing units are on the other end but still, gone were the days when you have to spend a fortune in order to get a decent laptop on which you can only do lightweight tasks. With the fast pacing industry the latest chipsets have become more powerful and less expensive comparatively.

In order to go with the one among numerous options which can be a good companion for a long run, you need to be really carefully as with our own experience of numerous laptops over a time of 10 years, we ended up reconsidering our choices as on a long run they become sluggish giving us only few options to upgrade and enhance the performance. So to save you from the quandary we come up with these latest and best laptops which are under a budget of 35,000.

Which are the best laptops under 35,000 Rs in India?

In the table below you will be able to find the top variants from each category which aims towards specific work.

How to choose the best laptop below price range of 35,000 Rs?

With the joyousness to own a good laptop in haste, the risk to ending up with a bad experience in the long run can not be concealed. As usually we got trapped in the overwhelming marketing tactics of the brands which showcase their variants which are attractive and gave us the temptation to own them where we fall in their trap. That is why you should always consider certain things before getting influenced by the advertisements so that you can have a good experience and find a good companion.

Things to consider before settling


First and foremost, ask yourself what will be the thing which you are going to do most on it. Whether you wish to do the programming, editing, gaming, office work or casual work. So that will narrow down your choice, and it will be easy to make the selection.

Each laptop has its strengths like the gaming laptops have different configuration which are dedicated to providing high graphic output whereas the multipurpose laptops have balanced configuration to perform all casual tasks.


After deciding the purpose, you need to check carefully as to what is needed for the ideal performing device and that comes from the processor, RAM, graphics card all combined. This is important because once you get a laptop it becomes hard to upgrade it due to limitations. Always consider a laptop which does have the latest generation and good RAM, as these two things makes it multipurpose, adding to it the graphics card makes it ideal for further high performing tasks such as gaming, editing, programming etc.


As we have covered all top end units which are under 35,000 Rs of budget, we are restricted due to the budget limitations still you should not get disappointed as with innovation in chipsets good multipurpose laptops become the real affordable, and you can also own it.

Upgrade Path

Although restrictions are being present with each laptop which lead to only limited options to upgrade. At most, you can upgrade the graphics card following the RAM as the processor upgrades will be very expensive and contains limitations.

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